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Indoor Water Garden

Fall has settled in, making itself quite at home. Which means the once lush greenery has transformed into a colorful array of fallen leaves. And while you can still appreciate nature’s metamorphosis, feel free to reroute your green thumb indoors to help enliven your spirits and your surroundings with this indoor water garden.


  • Large Jar or Glass Vase
  • Aquatic Plants
  • Fresh Water
  • Aquarium Stones


  1. Grab a glass jar or vase, rinse well with soap and water and let dry to make sure your water garden isn’t tainted by unwanted fungus or bacteria.
  2. Sprinkle in a layer of aquarium stones to the bottom of the container. We love how bright and cheery these decorative stones are, creating a sense of balance and warmth.
  3. Add your aquatic plant in the container, anchoring it to the bottom with the aquatic stones.
  4. Include more aquatic stones as needed.
  5. Slowly fill the container about halfway with fresh water.
  6. Place your water garden near sunlight and watch it blossom!

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