There’s Nothing More Simple
Than the Story of Simply.

Simply Beverages Products

Our Story

Our story starts with great-tasting fruit and ends with great-tasting fruit juices and drinks. More And in between the beginning and the end, not much else happens. We use never-from-concentrate juices in all of our beverages. And we never add any preservatives, colors or artificial flavors. In the end, Simply Juices and Juice Drinks taste so refreshing and delicious because we never forget that Nature is the most important part of our story. Less

Orange Grove

Focus on Fruit

At Simply, we believe nobody knows how to make juice taste better than Mother Nature. More That's why we work closely with those who know her best — our growers — to ensure that our products always taste naturally delicious, the way Nature intended. Because we're committed to delivering the gold standard year round, we source fruit from around the world. And not just any fruit will do. We source only fruit that meets our high standards and makes for excellent juices and drinks. In fact, the oranges that go into each carafe of Simply Orange are all carefully selected at the peak of ripeness and the majority are still picked by hand. Less


Unrivaled Taste

If we can't be 100% sure that our beverages are going to be perfectly delicious, we simply won't make them. More One way we maintain such high standards is by using only simple ingredients. And we guarantee that every product we make tastes fresh. It's all part of our "Fresh Taste Guarantee" — a promise that's printed right on the seal of every carafe. If you disagree, let us know, and you can try another Simply Beverage, on us.

Simply Juices Our 100% fruit juices are never sweetened or concentrated. Plus, Simply Orange Juice is never frozen.

Simply Lemonades, Juices and Drinks Our refreshing, all-natural juices and drinks contain just a few simple ingredients, like pure filtered water, cane sugar, not-from-concentrate fruit juice and natural flavors.

Simply Light We’ve kept true to our delicious taste, but with less sugar and fewer calories. It’s Simply, lightened up. Less

Simply Lemonade®

Premium Carafe

Simply Beverages Premium Carafe

Simply Beverages can be found in the refrigerated section of your local grocer/retailer. More They are easily recognizable, thanks to our signature, premium transparent plastic carafe with its distinctive green cap and fresh taste guaranteed tearstrip. We want you to see what you're getting before you open it and take the first great-tasting sip.

All Simply Juices and Drinks are available in our 52 fl. oz. carafe. Many flavors are also available in family size (89 fl. oz.), half carafe (32 fl. oz), and single-serve (11.5 fl. oz.) You can  find  the majority of our  Simply Beverages in our 100% recyclable PlantBottle, which is made from up to 30% plant materials. It's just one more way we are upholding our commitment to Nature.Less